Your Turn

Posted: October 7, 2011 in Cystic Fibrosis
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Written: July 31, 2006

Jesus cut his wings to lend him to me for just a while...

There are a lot of pointless tv shows, movies, and music videos that we watch everyday. Rarely do we find something that is inspirational, heart-warming and deep. Or maybe we are just so enthralled and so busy in our own lives that we dont receive the messages that are intended for us….

When my son, Colby, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, my first instinctive response was Why him? Why put him through this? But what if its not harder on him? What if God gives him more strength and courage than the rest of us? What if his faith and bravery are for you? What if they are for me?

We all have hardships. We all have struggles. We learn from them and move on, hopefully becoming better people because of it. Colby’s is a daily struggle and fight, not necessarily to learn something. His struggles may not even be for his benefit or understanding but for someone else. Can you say that about your life? Do you ask Why me? everytime something hurts or seems difficult? Or do you appreciate conquering it and sharing what your faith has carried you through? Does it affect only you or do you allow someone else to learn and grow without the pain?

God’s love is dedicated to not only our growth but to our success in overcoming what may seem to be impossible and to achieving more than we thought we could. Colby is here to touch some one else’s life, to help others see God’s love, strength and mercy. Is he here for you? Or are you here to touch some one else? You’ll never know until you reach out…

Its your turn.


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